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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Calculator (30 kB PDF)

Massachusetts Waste Bans for Construction and Demolition Wastes

Specification for fixed asset removal and recycling to promote recovery/reuse of assets such as doors and windows, millwork, bathroom fixtures, flooring, etc.

The Institution Recycling Network is the most experienced recycler of construction and demolition (C&D) wastes in the Northeast.

Materials The IRN manages the recycling of over 20 different materials – from pavement and foundation right through to the roof. We routinely achieve recycling rates over 80 percent.

Costs IRN’s WasteMiser services reduce the cost of construction waste management. The cost to recycle C&D wastes through the IRN is often tens of thousands of dollars less than the cost to throw them away. Click here to download a cost comparison chart (108 kB PDF).

Services We provide a single point of contact to handle everything related to recycling: planning, training, on-site management, hauling, and marketing the recycled materials.

We assure that waste management fits seamlessly into the project Recycling does not need to get in the way, slow the job down, or take up extra space. On the contrary, recycling makes for a safer and more productive work site.

LEED Documentation

IRN provides the Waste Management Plan and documentation required for LEED MR Credits 2.1 and 2.2 (Construction Waste Management). Additionally, we regularly deliver a third LEED Innovation Credit for singular waste management practices.



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